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About ASD Avia Consulting


    ASD Avia Consulting has been established in the year 2015 by Amir Dadgar, who is running the company as Managing Director. The idea to establish a consulting company for aviation was brought to life, after many years of industry expertise and the need from multiple companies for support.


    Amir began his Aviation career in the year 2000, after finishing school and during his study. He started as Dispatcher in the OCC for a german regional Airline. During his work for this company he was promoted to Charter Manager and Auditor.


    After finishing his study and receiving his bachelor in tourism, he changed to business aviation and became the Director Ground Operations. During his tenure there, he gained experiences in cross-networking and developing new markets, such as Russia and CIS. From the year 2011, he was promoted to Director Quality Management to establish a new just culture within the company and supporting the organization adopting to the new regulations of the SMS.


    In 2013 he took a new challenge in becoming the Head of the Quality Management at the Part-145 of one of the biggest Aircraft Manufacturers globally.


    With every happy client of ASD Avia Consulting he wants to prove that offering a perfect and tailor-made consulting, especially regarding audits, has nothing to do with the size of the organisation or the price they charge, but with the passion and knowledge of the Auditor. 18 year of experience in all positions within the aviation show this knowledge. 

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