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Why Choose ASD Avia 



ASD Avia Consulting has been established in the year 2015 by Amir Dadgar, who is running the company as Managing Director. The entire ASD Avia Consulting Team is thoughtful, collaborative, and highly motivated to provide our clients with one of the most professional teams within the aviation industry.


Our team offers business and leadership experience in corporate and commercial aviation, and aviation finance, to provide our clients with expert counsel and business perspective.


ASD Avia Consulting is one of the leading organisation providing the IS-BAH certification. As a german-based company we already have worked with major FBOs in Europe and Middle East to have them certified with the IS-BAH certification.

And we believe we can offer you the best deal you can get, and it comes with thorough and excellent service. 


We are prepared to provide highly competent, professional and confidential support at a moment’s notice, if circumstances are warranted. Based on the nature of each unique client engagement, the team of ASD Avia Consulting is assembled, and selected team members will be leaders widely recognized in their fields of endeavor, with years of history addressing complex business challenges.


Our Team is highly trained to identify risks, developing intervention strategies, and to recommend progressive methods for achieving operational and safety excellence, resulting in regulatory compliance and performance improvements.

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