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Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)

Safety Management System (SMS) is becoming a standard throughout the aviation industry worldwide. It is recognized as the next step in the evolution of safety in aviation.

SMS is the formal, top-down business approach to managing safety risk, which includes a system approach to managing safety, the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures.

We at ASD Avia Consulting believe that SMS is a fundamental prerequisite of the aviation responsibility in order to conduct safe operations. Having the right tools and techniques is fundamental to effective management of safety in any organization.

ASD Avia Consulting can provide the following:

  • Develop a comprehensive Safety Management System for your organisation, review existing SMS and/or develop an SMS within established and start-up operations.

  • Full support and training to establish an air safety management program, including safety reporting and report management, data management and analysis, risk analysis and risk management.

  • Review of corporate safety policies and processes in relation to state regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

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