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Independent Audits

Audits are key to enhancing and ensuring safe flights. ASD Avia Consulting offers and develops tailor-made audits based on international regulations and standards, as well as conducts audits impartially and delivers an objective report with clear recommendations and corrective actions.

We audit in accordance with international aviation standards, the civil aviation regulations of each country, industry best practices and client-specific requirements.


ASD Avia Consulting audits the following fields within the Aviation world wide:
  • Aircraft Operator

  • Airports, Handlings and FBOs

  • Aviation service providers – from fuel supply to security handling

  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul providers, Part-145 Organisation


ASD Avia offers audits for the following areas:
  • IS-BAH certification

  • Operations – Compliance of procedures with regulatory and internal standards

  • Operations Manual Part A/B/C/D

  • Safety standards and procedures including SMS

  • Continuous airworthiness management

  • Documentation, SOP and certificates – content, actuality and completeness

  • Organisation

  • Aircrew management and duty times

Audits involve much more than compliance, procedures and document tests. They are part of a continual and sustainable quality and safety improvement process. With regular audits, weaknesses and gaps can be identified, corrective actions defined, improvement measures implemented and safety enhanced.

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