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Our Servuces

“All our clients made clear their commitment to safety as their first priority. Choosing ASD Avia Consulting as Partner ensures just that. We support them in performing the highest standards.”

Amir Dadgar

Managing Director 

ASD Avia Consulting

ASD Avia Consulting

ASD Avia Consulting is a German-based, independent Audit company specialized in Part-145 Audits for Maintenance Organization, Audits for Fixed Base Operation (FBOs) and Operators. Since November 2015 the consultancy has been authorized by International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) to carry out IS-BAH™ (International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling) Audits.

For the last few years ASD Avia Consulting has supported multiple FBOs in complying with IS-BAH registration requirements and assisted clients in fulfilling the safety and quality standards. 

IS-BAH Certification

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) is a set of global industry best practices for business aviation ground handlers.

Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)

Safety Management System (SMS) is becoming a standard throughout the aviation industry worldwide. It is recognized as the next step in the evolution of safety in aviation.

Independent Audits

Audits are key to enhancing and ensuring safe flights. ASD Avia Consulting offers and develops tailor-made audits based on international regulations and standards.

IS-BAO Certification

Launched in 2002, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is designed to promote the use of high quality, optimised operating practices by establishing a framework ranging from effective safety and operational processes, to providing tools to perform gap analyses to facilitate the implementation of best practices. This will deliver a Safety Management System appropriate to your operational profile.

Document Management Service

Each National Aviation Authorities apply stringent criteria to aviation ventures regarding documentation standards. ASD Avia Consulting is an expert in keeping you up with these standards.

Fuel Management

We offer you a tailor-made service in fuel-management. This includes consulting, fuel-purchasing, fuel-list for pricing and indexes. The Team of ASD Avia Consulting has the solutions to assist your organisation regarding all fuel related matters.


Ready to find out more?

We will be more than glad in supporting your project and naming you our new client. Please don't hesitate to forward us your inquiry. An ASD Avia Consulting Team member will contact you to present you how a fully customised Service can boost your operation.

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